Personalised Learning

Your Child’s Learning Journey

New Learning Journeylearning_journey

We are delighted to inform you that to we now have a new style of learning journey to document your child’s time at our nursery. Your child will receive a new learning journey every year or when they move rooms depending on which is most appropriate. The learning journey is fundamental in ensuring we have all the appropriate information we need about your child to make their experience with us one that supports all of their needs, helping them to learn and progress happily in a way that suits their style and personality.

Your child’s Learning Journey will contain the following:

  • Me and My family section – please bring in a family photograph to stick here so we can talk to your child about their family.
  • My Key Person section – The child’s current key person will add their photograph and a little message here.
  • ‘All About Me’ document – You will fill this in alongside your child’s key person, which gives us a well-rounded view of your child. This helps us to make an initial assessment about what we need to provide to make their first few weeks in the nursery or new room as comfortable for your child as possible.
  • Individual progress tracker – This tracker will follow the child through their time in nursery to ensure that we are always supporting their progress within the seven areas of learning. Information from assessments is used to make a ‘best fit’ judgement about the child’s stage of development.
  • Summative assessments – We assess the children’s development regularly to ensure we are meeting their needs and supporting their learning effectively. A first ‘starting points’ assessment is carried out in the first 6 weeks that the child starts nursery and then regular summative assessments are carried out, your child will usually be assessed 3 times a year and assessments will be shared with you. We never test children; assessments are made subtly by reviewing our written and everyday visual observations. Somewhere between 24 and 36 months old, your child will have a more in-depth assessment called the ‘Two Year Progress Check’. All assessments will be shared with you as parents and, with your permission, any other professionals that are working with the child.
  • Working in Partnership With Parents – this document is simply to note down any significant discussions had between the key person and parent e.g. weaning information, potty training, the school your child is going to attend etc. and agree any actions required.
  • Observations and next steps – These pages will be completed by the practitioners using written and photographic observations, but we would certainly encourage you as parents to get involved too by letting us know of any significant learning moments you have observed at home which we can include in these pages. You can write observations on notepaper or email us and we will stick them in the learning journey. This gives us an even better all-round picture of your child’s progress.